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Our history

Start of activity

company Pioneers of Iranian metallurgy industry It is one of the largest importers and suppliers of carbon, ferroalloy and graphite raw materials in the country.

This company has been able to fully identify the needs of customers by using young and experienced experts with specialized advice and buying the best products with the highest level of quality and tries to provide them in the best possible way and to make it easy to buy high-quality products.

Identify customer needs

After conducting surveys and analyzing the results of customers and identifying the supply needs of the country, this company started importing basic goods used in important industries of the country, such as graphite carbon blocks of SGL GERMANY brands. MERSEN CARBON . MORGAN . TOYOTANSO و …. has started in order to be able to provide the import needs of some of its customers in the field of carbon brushes (industrial coal) and the problem of product quality and originality of the product.

Import of raw materials

pishrovan sanat company Despite the import of graphite blocks since 2017, according to the request of colleagues and identifying the needs of customers, it has started importing carbon raw materials such as petroleum coke from China, Russia and Turkmenistan and is trying to supply and solve the needs of its customers with the best quality. Due to the expertise of this company in the field of carbon and graphite materials, it is one of the most specialized companies in this field, and all the carbon and graphite products of this company are provided depending on the needs of customers.

Importing raw materials for steel and foundry industries

pishrovan sanat company After a few years have passed since the beginning of the activity and the full identification of the needs of the customers, with careful planning, he started importing carbon products in the field of low sulfur graphite and oily graphite powder used in industries, and despite the product diversity of this industry and the investigation of the consumables of the steel industry and Casting of the country is importing ferroalloy materials such as Indian ferromanganese, Chinese ferrochrome and Chinese ferrophosphorus and…. did

According to the needs of the customers, this company includes the desired and approved qualities in the import of carbon materials and ferroalloy materials so that it can increase the satisfaction of the customers and the trust of the customers in the collection.

All the imported products of this collection have been analyzed and sealed from the port or warehouse in Tehran, ready to be delivered to our dear customers.

There is also the principle of product return in this company, if the analysis of the product is inconsistent with the delivered product, the esteemed customers can return the product and request the correct shipment, and this is part of the customer-oriented principles of this company.

Establishment of graphite parts production unit

After many years of experience, Iranian metallurgical industry pioneers company launched a production line of carbon brushes (industrial coal) in Tabriz city, with the aim of supporting Iranian production.

All the devices used in the production of these products are automatic and semi-automatic. The products and services of this company in the field of producing all kinds of graphite bushes and molds, manufacturing and producing all kinds of industrial coal grades and imported equivalents in the country, manufacturing all kinds of graphite parts such as graphite shafts, rotors, pipes and rings, turning and cnc work of all plans. Imported specialties.

Exporting goods to neighboring countries

This company, with a decade of experience in the field of supplying and producing carbon and ferroalloy products, is one of the exporters of carbon and ferroalloy products in the country to neighboring countries such as Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Oman.

With at least 1000 export shipments, this company has been able to provide the trust of customers abroad.

This company is able to supply all carbon products, ferroalloys and petrochemical raw materials for export to neighboring countries in the shortest possible time.

Our goals in the 5-year plan

Registration of a knowledge-based company
Attract loyal customers
Direct import of carbon materials
Direct export of goods

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