industrial urea

Urea is an important chemical compound in the agricultural and chemical industries, which is used as the main source of nitrogen for plants and raw materials in the production of chemical products. In this article, we will review the features, properties, advantages, disadvantages, method of consumption and export of industrial urea, and we will introduce the company of Puroran Sanat as a supplier and exporter of this product.


  1. Chemical formula: NH2CONH2
  2. Molecular weight: 60.06 g/mol
  3. Appearance: white or white crystals with air bubbles inside.
  4. Nitrogen percentage: at least 46%
  5. Solubility in water: very soluble in water.
  6. Melting point: about 132 degrees Celsius.
  7. Production from ammonia gas and carbon dioxide.


  1. Nitrogen source: Urea is used as a main source of nitrogen for plants in their growth and development process.
  2. Easy transportability: Due to its crystalline physical form and water solubility, urea is easy to transport and store.
  3. Production of chemical products: Urea is used as a raw material for the production of chemical products such as nitrates and liquid nitrogen.


  1. Increasing plant performance: Urea provides plants with essential nitrogen that improves their performance, growth and fruiting.
  2. Easy to transport: Urea is easily transported due to its suitable physical properties.
  3. Long-term storage capability: Urea can be stored in warehouses for a long time.


  1. Unpleasant Odor: Urea may have an unpleasant odor that is bothersome.
  2. Toxicity to aquatic organisms: Improper discharge of urea into water sources can lead to the death of aquatic organisms.

How to use: Urea is marketed as a substance soluble in water or in the form of grains and crystals. The method of consumption refers to the following:

  1. agriculture

    : Urea is used as a soil enhancer and nitrogen source for agriculture and horticulture. It is mixed in the soil as a nitrogen fertilizer or marketed as different fertilizer products.

  2. Chemical industry:

    Urea is used as a raw material in the production of chemical products such as nitrates and liquid nitrogen.

Exports of Iranian metallurgical industry pioneers

Puroran Sanat Company, with high experience and expertise in the field of industrial urea production and export, is ready to supply this high quality product to global markets. Our company is committed to guarantee the quality and timely supply of industrial urea and has the ability to meet the needs of customers all over the world.


Conclusion: As a prominent supplier and exporter of this product, Pororhan Sanat Company is ready to meet the needs of global markets in the best possible way and makes quality very important.


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