What is nitric acid?

Nitric acid is one of the important chemical compounds produced from the oxidation of nitrogen in the presence of air or oxygen. This compound in its liquid form is known as nitric acid and has the chemical formula HNO3. Nitric acid is used in many different industries and applications, including the chemical industry, agriculture, and the production of explosives.

Properties of nitric acid

This acid has unique physical and chemical properties that distinguish it among other chemical compounds. Some of the important properties of nitric acid are:

1. High acid strength

This acid is known as a strong acid. This acid is able to react with many chemicals and compounds and is used in various chemical processes.

2. Creation of nitrogenous compounds

This acid can react with nitrogen and create various nitrogenous compounds. These compounds are used in agriculture as fertilizers and in the explosives industry.

3. Oxidant properties

This acid has oxidizing properties and can be used in chemical oxidation processes. This feature is very important in the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

How to buy, sell and export nitric acid

This acid is a chemical substance that is traded in the global market. To buy and sell this substance, you must comply with the regulations related to the transportation of dangerous substances and obtain the necessary permits. Also, the export of this material to other countries requires specific permits and documentation that must be done according to the relevant laws and regulations.

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In what industries is nitric acid used:

This acid is used as a chemical compound with unique properties in various industries and uses. In the following, we will explain how to use nitric acid in various uses and industries:

  1. Chemical industry:
    • This acid is used as a strong acid in the chemical industry. This compound is used as a raw material in the production of many chemical products such as nitrates and liquid nitrogen.
  1. Agriculture:
    • In agriculture, nitric acid is used as an edible nitrogen for plants. This compound can add nitrogen compounds to the soil and help the growth and development of plants.
  1. Explosives industry:
    • This acid is used in the production of explosives such as nitroglycerin. These materials are used in the military and mining industry for blasting and drilling.
  1. Oxidant production:
    • This acid is used as an oxidant in the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products. This feature of nitric acid in chemical compounds helps to reduce organic substances and is used in oxidation processes.
  1. Self-ignition:
    • This acid is used as a strong flame retardant in some complex materials such as plastics and self-flammable coatings.
  1. Other industrial uses:
    • This acid is used in various industries such as electronics industry, textile industry, and imaging industry as a raw material in the production of various products.

In general, nitric acid is used as a versatile chemical compound with distinct characteristics in various industries and plays a very important role in the production of chemical, agricultural, and industrial products.


In this article, we reviewed nitric acid and examined its characteristics, properties, how to buy and sell, and its export. This chemical compound is very important in various industries and can be used in the production of chemicals, agriculture, and explosives industry. For more information on this topic and other articles related to SEO, visit our website.

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