Iranian production, Iranian quality

With more than a decade of experience in producing all kinds of graphite parts and carbon materials in the country


Import of raw materials

Import of carbon and ferroalloy materials by Pishrovan Sanat company from China, India, Turkmenistan with more than a decade of experience.

Supply of ferroalloy and carbon materials

This company is proud to cooperate with more than 200 trading companies, producers and consumers in the country

Export, international trade

With more than 1000 successful export shipments to the countries of Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Oman and China in a decade in the field of ferroalloy and carbon materials.

  • Customer orientation, product quality, product guarantee, competitive price

Customer orientation is one of the main characteristics of this company and is at the top of our values. Honesty and ethics in work are among the most important elements and values of the company, the pioneers of the Iranian metallurgy industry.

All the products of this company are offered due to the easy purchase of customers on the condition of confirmation of analysis and requested standard quality, and in case of non-compliance, they can be returned and exchanged.

Products of pishrovan sanat

pishrovan sanat company After years of technical and specialized services to the industry, with the help of Almighty God, in 2013, in line with the specialized supply of metallurgical materials and specialized raw materials for the steel and casting industries, the production and manufacture of carbon brushes and specialized graphite parts with the registration number (54563) has been active.
This company, one of the leading companies in the industry, has been able to rely on professional experts since the beginning of 2018, using technology and technical knowledge, with the aim of producing and importing, exporting and supplying all kinds of carbon and graphite products based on oil and mineral and supplying raw materials. Ferroalloys such as ferro-silicon and ferro-silico-manganese in the foundry and steel industries are at the top of the list of suppliers of the oil and gas and steel industries. Also, this company has been able to produce, import and supply all kinds of graphite carbon parts and industrial coals in the country for specialized needs. to satisfy the consumers and is trying to localize some graphite parts imported to the country, therefore, by establishing a reliable and continuous business relationship with the largest and most reliable manufacturing companies, the world’s trading company has been able to meet the needs of the industries and improve the quality of the country’s industrial products. Take long steps. Pioneers of the Iranian metallurgy industry, with the mission of playing a central role in the development of the metallurgy and casting industry in the country and improving the quality of raw materials and consumables in this area, is known as the most prominent group in this field.​​​​​​

pishrovan sanat , a special look

This company has been operating in the four areas of specialized production of graphite parts, import of carbon raw materials, supply of ferroalloy materials and export of authorized products of steel and petrochemical industries for more than a decade.

We specialize in the production of graphite parts100%
Our ability is to import raw materials85%
Ability to supply ferroalloys and carbon materials96%
Ability to export steel and petrochemical raw materials100%

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